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About me.

I began diving as a member of 562 Para Sqn. T.A. back in 1970 with BSAC London Army 328 Branch. When I left the T.A. in 1975 I joined BSAC East Ham Branch 604. However, I really settled into serious diving when I became a member of the Billericay Sub Aqua Club (1620) in 1980 when it formed. My first camera was a Nikonus IVA. A couple of years later I moved on to a Canon F1, which I housed in an Ikalite housing, accompanied by an Ikalite 225 flashgun. In 1998 I changed again to a Nikon F90, housed in an Aquatica Housing, using a Nikon SB26 flashgun, twinned up with a Nikon SB28 . Both of these were housed in custom made Housings'. In 2006 I made the transition to digital by purchasing a Nikon D70s, which I housed in a Sea and Sea housing. I also changed the flashgun arrangement to Inons. In 2010 I upgraded to the Nikon D300 in a new Sea and Sea housing.

In 1981 I joined the British Society of Underwater Photographers, where I got to know many underwater photographers, some of international status. This was an invaluable part of a learning process, which helped me develop my underwater photography.

At a BSAC Diving Officers Conference in the early 80's I saw an audio visual presentation of an expedition to Norway and was totally knocked out by the power of the medium. Before long I had my own A/V equipment and now enjoy bringing together three of my delights, photography, diving and music. My audio visuals are now totally digital, although I started in pre digital days, using two and three Kodak Carousel projectors. My audio visuals include underwater sequences and details can be found on the Audio Visual page of this website. In 2001 I obtained a Distinction with the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (DPAGB).

In 1986 I moved from Essex to Surrey and joined Cranleigh Sub Aqua Club and Godalming Photographic Club, with whom I developed an interest in other forms of photography and printing techniques. This led to my own darkroom and, latterly, digital imaging. I also joined The Royal Society of Photography (RPS) and earned an ARPS distinction in the Applied Category using underwater images taken with slide film. This was followed in 2006 when I achieved a Fellowship distinction with the RPS in the Nature category with digital prints.

Having the right type of diving is so important for underwater photography and that is unlikely to be found with a normal diving club. In 1988 therefore, I formed PHOTOSUB Underwater Photography Club. This club provides the backdrop for much of my diving. With a membership of circa 50 people.

I have been on the lecture circuit of the Surrey Photographic Association since 1993 and regularly give talks, slide shows and lectures, including photoshop technique and how to produce digital audio visuals.

In February 2000, after 29 successful years with an American bank, I took redundancy, which has given me the opportunity to concentrate on my photography and diving. I regularly organize diving trips for underwater photographers to locations worldwide, such as Red Sea, Indonesia, French Polynesia, Galapagos, Cocos Islands, South Africa, Mozambique, Philippines, Cuba, etc.

By building up successes with entries in various British Photographic Exhibitions affiliated to the BPE Crown Awards scheme I achieved the BPE1 award certificate in March 2007, BPE2 in April 2007 and BPE3 in May 2008.

In 2009 I was commissioned with a dive friend Karen Gargani to produce a book. The book, called Ultimate Diving Adventures, was released in UK in October 2009 with world wide publication thereafter.

In March 2011 I was awarded AFIAP distinction with the Federation Internationale Del'Art Photographique.

In May 2015 I was awarded EFIAP distinction with the Federation Internationale Del'Art Photographique.