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Audio Visuals

The following audio visual sequences can be included in my lectures and slide shows. These run for up to 12 min depending on the sequence so you may wish to specify some of these if you arrange a booking.

Underwater sequences
Other sequences

A Vision In Blue (Surreal sequence)
Angels Deep (Manta Rays)
Candidasa Diving (Bali)
Embrace of the Deep (The Carnatic Wreck)
Gangga Dreaming (Gangga Island, Malaysia)
Hidden Depths
Reef of the Seven Deaths (Sha'ab abu Nuhas)
Rhythm of the Reef
Sea of Dreams (Sipadan)
Send in the Clowns (Clownfishes)
Thistlegorm Remembered (WWII Wreck)
Through A Dark Sea Brightly (British Waters)
Underwater Interlude
Weird Ocean (Lembah Strait)

A Compassionate Man (G F Watts)
A Feast of Brass (Godalming Band)
All Along The South Coast (Humour)
A Romantic Package (Venice)
From Unquiet Graves (Sedlac Ossuary)
God's Architect (Gaudi)
Hebridean Journey
How To Be As Light As Air (Hot Air Balloon Ride)
Impressions, Reflections and Flights of Fancy
India, The Godlen Triangle and Beyond
La Mascherata di Venezia (Venice Carnival)
Las Encantadas (Galapagos)
Mountain Lying Down (The Grand Canyon)
Neon Oasis (Las Vegas)
Rosslyn - Chapel of Secrets
The Masque of Italy (Venice)
The Long And The Short Of It (Humour)
The Man Who Drew Tomorrow (Frank Hampson)
The Masque of Italy (Venice)
The Minstrel Boy (Bob Dylan)
The Nut That Got Away (Humour)
The Old Gods Laugh (The Maya)
The Rock Stands Testament (St Kilda)
The Wildebeest Trail (Kenya Safari)
What Must Rise, Must Fall (Pharaonic Egypt)
Worthing In The Rain