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I am available for lectures and presentations on photography, underwater photography, and audio visual presentations. These include:

Underwater Photography

History, peculiarities, presentation of underwater images and audio visuals of the underwater world.

Wet and Dry

A mixture of audio visuals and images from my various strands of photography and underwater photography.

Within A Rainbow Sea

Presentation of marine life beneath the waves and audio visuals.

Coming Up For Air

Audio visuals and images above the waves.

Marine Life In British Waters

The amazing variety of marine life found around the British Isles.

The Print Collection

A presentation of prints from both my underwater and land portfolio

Never Mind The Quality

Digital image presentation of the spectrum of my work

How To Produce Digital Audio Visuals

An introduction on producing audio visuals using Pictures to EXE.

I am also available for one to one tuition on Photoshop and Pictures to Exe.

Contact me for more information or bookings.